Two Humberside Police officers dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’

Two Humberside Police officers dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’

Two police officers, including one who punched a detained man, have been dismissed for gross misconduct after a hearing by an independent panel.

The pair have not been named as their hearing was conducted in private, said Humberside Police.

One officer was said to have punched the man during a scuffle as officers tried to search him.

The panel ruled the punch was not necessary to gain control of the man and was gross misconduct.

On a separate occasion the same officer claimed to have arrested a man outside an address when it had in fact been made inside. Another time the officer also left work without permission.

Both these were deemed to be misconduct and all three counts were found proven.

The second dismissed officer was present when a colleague punched a man being detained but did not challenge.

Both officers were dismissed without notice.

Ch Supt Judi Heaton said: “The behaviour of both officers fell below the expected standard” but the majority of the force was “hard-working, dedicated and committed”.


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