Sacked Humberside Police sergeant John ‘Mick’ Stephenson

A POLICE sergeant sacked after being caught on CCTV kicking a 16-year-old boy at Hull Fair is to appeal against his dismissal.

John “Mick” Stevenson, who spent 27 years with the force, was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed during a disciplinary hearing held in November.

He will challenge his dismissal at a Police Appeals Tribunal on Friday, June 3.

The married father-of-three was spotted on CCTV kicking the teenage boy, who was 16 at the time, in the head after arresting him following a chase down Spring Bank West on the first day of Hull Fair last year.

The teenager was suspected of having stolen a moped.

The incident was said to have been an “isolated incident” in Sgt Stevenson’s long career, in which he had been an acting inspector and was twice commended for saving people’s lives.

But in the hearing in November, last year, Sgt Stevenson was accused of discrediting and undermining “the aims and ambitions” of Humberside Police.

CCTV footage, filmed 150 yards from Hull Fair’s entrance on October 10, showed the sergeant and three other officers pinning the 16-year-old to the ground.

The teenager had been walking on the other side of the street to Sgt Stevenson, who was patrolling the perimeter of Hull Fair.

The officer spotted him and gave chase down Spring Bank West, running through the traffic and across the carriageway, eventually grabbing the teenager near the footpath railings after a 150-yard pursuit down one of Hull’s busiest roads.

Footage showed Sgt Stevenson with his hand resting on the teenager’s head and his knee on his back.

But, after standing up to look at a group of the teenager’s friends running towards them, the officer was seen lifting his leg back before bringing it down and making contact with the youngster’s head, before walking off out of shot.


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