Humberside Police officer attacked woman in her bed in horrific campaign of abuse

A Humberside Police officer attacked a woman in her own bed and refused to let her leave the house in a horrific campaign of domestic abuse.

Jamie Powdrill, who served with the force for 18 years, used his position as a tutor to lure emergency service colleagues into abusive relationships.

He has now been sacked from the force with immediate effect

Jamie Powdrill had been an officer with Humberside Police for 18 years and had risen to a position of responsibility as a tutor constable.

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Powdrill used his position to coerce and control his relationships with two student officers and exhibited similar behaviour during a relationship with an ambulance technician.

The brave women came forward to testify against Powdrill during a hearing in December and he has now been dismissed from the force for gross misconduct.

The hearing was told that Powdrill was in a relationship with a woman known only as A who was an ambulance technician he had met through his work as a police officer.

The panel was told that Powdrill subjected her to unwanted, coercive and controlling behaviour during a 17 month period.

This included physically preventing her leaving his address to attend work and physically assaulting her whilst she was in bed following a night shift.

The hearing was also told that between Powdrill engaged in a relationship with another woman, known as PC B who was a probation officer to whom he was providing help and advice as a more senior officer.

In a shockingly similar pattern, he subjected her to unwanted, controlling and coercive behaviour over three months.

Powdrill was able to strike again, when he stuck up a relationship with PC C who was also a probationary officer.

Over two months, he subjected her to the same abusive behaviour, physically injuring her in the process.